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The Red Muscle Chapter 1

A comedy/action/romance comic about two nerds who bring their dreams of being a cartoon superhero to life.

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The Red Muscle Chapter 2

Scarlet and Edgar meet Ula and her Guppy gang but it doesn't seem like they want to be friends!

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The Red Muscle Chapter 3

Scarlet gets used to living at Edgar's estate, but is her nerdy obsession with heroism affecting her daily life?

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The Red Muscle Chapter 4

Scarlet and Edgar decide to take a day off to relax after their last encounter with Ula and her Guppies by going out and helping some friends at their local anime convention.

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The Red Muscle Chapter 5

Ula and her multi-million dollar company are the hottest thing for fish culture, so what does her company look like to a fish down on his luck that just needs an opportunity to let him shine?

(This chapter is drawn by Mariel Maranan, colored by Rudy Mora)